EADG 4 by John Falstrom Theory Textbook
for the
Bass Guitar


EADG 4 was written with the intention of teaching the bass guitarist what music theory is and how it works on the fretboard of the bass guitar.

The approach I took in writing this book is unique in the fact that I did not include any musical notation, tablature, or diagrams. I use finger patterns, charts, and definitions on how to play the bass.

EADG 4 contains the major scales, the natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scales, chord arpeggios, the modal system, harmonics, double stops, chordal studies, the standard 12 bar blues form, and much, much more.

I wrote EADG 4 with every type of bassist in mind - from the beginner to the advanced pro, from the "street" player to the "school" player. This book works for everyone.

Take your time, read everything carefully, and play your bass!

- John Falstrom